Our Process

At Diamond Wood Products we are focused on creating millwork and cabinets that fit your custom requirements. Care is given to understand and address your needs. Our goal is to create something that you are going to be happy with now and in the future. We have developed a process to help guide you to the realization of your dreams.

Sharing Your Dreams

This is the beginning of our relationship. We will listen to your needs and specifications to get an idea of the type of millwork you will be happiest with. Setting up your end goals at the beginning will ensure the millwork we build is in alignment with your dreams.

Whether you have completed plans or not even a rough sketch, this is where we begin building your dream.



Setting Your Dreams in Motion

Taking your goals and dreams and translating them into plans and specifications is what this step is all about. From the finish to the type of hardware, we work with you to gather the details needed to complete the project.

Building your Dreams

Our 10,000 square foot workshop layout was planned to give our journeyman cabinet makers a workspace capable of producing high quality work. From lighting to equipment placement, we focus on providing a safe and efficient environment.

Our Morbidelli Author 600 Computer Controlled Milling Machine allows us to create and produce precise and complex designs. The numerous saws, shapers, sanders, hot presses and boring machines gives our cabinet makers the tools they need to create a wide variety of original millwork.

Living your Dreams

Our team of journeymen cabinetmakers will give the installation a professional look. A custom fit will complete your custom job, a dream worth building.